Two Cool Recipes To Make With Cornmeal

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If you have a package of cornmeal, such as from Dover Corn Products LTD, sitting in your cupboard, and are not quite sure how to use it, then you're probably looking for some interesting recopies. The great thing about cornmeal is that there are lots of recipes. There are sweet recipes (cornmeal cookies and cakes) as well as savory ones (polenta). It's a very versatile ingredient and once you get used to cooking with it, it will be a staple in your kitchen. So, here are two recipes to help get you started.

Healthy Cranberry Corn Muffins

If you're someone who likes to have carbs for breakfast, and you normally grab a bagel or muffin from the local shop, you might want to consider baking your own healthy corn muffins. If you make the corn muffins yourself, you can avoid the tons of excess sugar and unhealthy ingredients (hydrogenated fats, high fructose sugar) that some shops might use. You can use a mixture of white flour and cornmeal, eggs, honey, baking soda, butter or coconut oil ( or canola oil if you prefer to avoid saturated fat) and add dried or, even fresh cranberries. If you do choose to use fresh cranberries, remember to first coat them in a mixture of flour and cornmeal before mixing them into the batter. This will help prevent them from "bursting" and leaking a red color all through the muffins. It's a technique that you will see all the time when reading recipes for blueberry muffins and it works just as well when working with fresh cranberries.

Polenta with Blue Cheese

If you're looking for an impressive and delicious dinner to make some night, then cornmeal is an amazing ingredient. With just a bit of effort it can turn into a super impressive dish. You will take broth (vegetable or chicken) and cook the cornmeal until it's firmed up to a porridge consistency. Some people will serve it on a plate with a garnish of cheese in this state, while other people prefer to cook it further and reduce any moisture. The technique here involves taking the polenta and spreading it into a baking dish and cooking it out. Then, you cut it into small wedges and can saute these wedges in butter and sage. This will brown up the polenta wedges and make them more crisp. They can then be served with the blue cheese and would go really well with a nice Italian white whine such as Pinot Grigo, or even a prosecco (which is a effervescent wine similar to the French champagne).